Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patty's Day Candy Grams

Well, I made these cute little treats for my kiddos. I know they'll be super excited! Of course they are at school and I don't have a picture right now, but they adorable and I only ate about 10 Rolos! I won't be at school on Friday, so I'm trying to get all of my St. Patty's Day stuff ready. They still have to celebrate!

If your name is Jaime or Nancy and you teach with me, do not keep reading. Unless it's Thursday...

I usually make something for my teaching buddies and friends, so I was looking around Pinterest and found this cute idea for a candy gram. So I thought of some ideas for this printable:

or this

or this

Last, but not least...

Should we vote on it? When I was looking for candy to use, it was too funny. I might end up getting Peeps for some people. There were many more candies that were perfect for this! Think of the possibilities! (By the way, I love my teaching partners and will probably make them two. One that is funny and one that is more serious.)

By the way, I am having a little procedure done on Friday and anesthesia always freaks me out, so if you pray, say a little one for me! Thanks my friends! :)


  1. Love those! I like the nerds!

  2. I made the air nerds for my kiddos. They came out so cute. After all that work... I forgot them! Shoot!!!! I guess I will have to give them to my husband.

    BTW - I'm love your blog. I'm going to attempt to find something I like while on spring break.

    First Grade Delight