Friday, April 27, 2012

Pigeon Giveaway Ends Tonight and a Freebie!

It's Friday! SOOOO happy! Not sure exactly what's going on this weekend, but I MUST work out! I haven't been feeling well lately and I think that will help. I've been slacking a bit...

If you haven't entered my Pigeon giveaway, what are you waiting for? It ends tonight! See this post and enter up to 5 times!

This week we focused on r-controlled vowels in some of my small groups, so I made a little activity that my kiddos loved. We made eye patches out of paper and cord and then went around to search for -ar words by reading pirate "jokes". I called them jokes, but I made them up and they are really ridiculous! Here is one:

I used library pockets and they had to pull out the answers from the back, say the ar word in their best pirate voice and write the ar words on gelboards. The last one said, "What is a pirate's favorite candy?" The answer was Smarties and of course we had to sample a few!

I really like to do activities where they can move, so another day I had them hunt around the room for ar words and they had to sort them by whether they are real or nonsense. Here is a copy of that:

I only used 15 words, but you could add more nonsense words if you wanted.

Have a wonderful weekend! Giveaway winners will be announced tomorrow! :)