Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's in Your Summer Stack?

I wanted to try something new to get my kids excited about summer reading, so I told them that everyone should have a "Summer Stack". I invited my principal, PE teacher, Media Specialist, etc. to show them what reading materials are in their stack. I took their picture beforehand and glued their head to the clipart. Then the children created their own. I have a pic of one that's partially complete, but it's even cuter than it looks. If you're interested, get it here at my little TPT store. For sale is the clipart and ideas to go with it. One thing in my "stack" is The Help.  I really want to read that book!

My principal agreed to let me post the pic even though she doesn't love the picture. I think it's great!
:) Andrea

Update: I keep having more people come in and the kids get super excited when I ask why they think the person is in our room. They know it's to share their stack! I keep hearing them talk to one another and telling about their own stack! "My stack has Junie B. and it's this tall!" LOVE it!!