Sunday, January 13, 2013

I have a blog? What?

I promise that I still read your blogs and love so many of the great ideas that you've shared. I wish I had more time to work on mine.

Maybe I'll find time when the boys are born...from what everyone tells me, that's not going to happen!

With Christmas and the New Year, it's been so busy and then my classroom flooded and I have been sick with a cold/cough for 3 weeks!

So, I haven't made time to post anything that we've been doing. I'm going to try to start taking more pictures and posting, I really am.

We're working on the boys' room and it's really fun. We received quite a few toys/outfits for Christmas and everything is just so tiny and precious.

I've been organizing and since I'm a major pack rat, (not like a hoarder or anything, lol), hubby has been helping me to get rid of things. It's hard for me to do. What if I need them someday?

But we have a small house and pretty soon we will need a lot of room for a lot of boy stuff!

Here is my latest purchase from Etsy. Two little hats. I can just picture it now and I can't wait for my two little bluebirds! :)

Crochet Birdie Hats for Twins -  Avail NB - Toddler - any color. Great photo props

In case you didn't get it last year, here is a fun little "If I Were a Snowman" freebie from Jaime. Her snowmen look awesome in the hall!

Have a great week!!