Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day, Moneyman and too icy for school?

Hi all! I am getting ready to celebrate Leap Day with my kiddos. We will have centers and treats and of course, we're all wearing green! Check out my Leap Day activities here if you want some fun and easy activities for tomorrow!

I plan to post a freebie or two this week, but right now I'm super sleepy. I'll try to post again later in the week!

To celebrate Leap Day, I'm having a sale in my TPT store and Jaime from What's the Buzz will as well.

Check out my new Moneyman unit. My first graders love to pretend they are superheroes and so I know they'll love it when we start money soon! Click on the pic below to take a look!

Last, but not least, thank goodness for the weather forecasters at my school. I never check the weather, but I have friends who update me every hour on the hour! :)
I heard that it may be dangerous to drive in the morning because of ice and the buses may not be able to make it. Another snow day in my future? Probably not, but you never know!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Pajamas inside out  - check
Spoon under pillow - check
Ice cube in toilet - check

Am I forgetting anything?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Michigan Blogger Meet-Up!

I really wanted to go to the meet-up, but my hubby and I had a million things planned so I decided to wait until next time. But then I woke up Sunday morning and just decided that those plans could wait. I had to meet my bloggie friends.

And I'm so glad I did!

I think this was Amy's pic. Thanks, Amy!
(You can't tell here, but Rachel and I had been on our tippy toes for quite some time, but it was all worth it for this pic!)

Anyway, I only got lost a few times on the way there and I was only a little late, and when I got there there was a table with the most funny and fabulous bloggers!  

We had a great time and while the worst that some have to deal with are eye-rollers, others have a lot more to deal with! You teachers rock!

If you haven't checked out these bloggers, you're missing out!

Amy from The Resource(ful) Room
Christina from Mrs. Bainbridge's Class
Holly from Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade
Jessica from Apples and Papers
Kara from Spedventures
Lisa and Beth from Made in the Shade in Second Grade
Rachel from Ms. Rachel's Room

Okay, so who ended up being the first to post? Let's plan our next meet-up soon!! :) Thanks again, girls! Loved it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey Girl and Penguins

I thought we could all use a good laugh in my building so I decided to bust out the "Hey Girl" Ryan Goslings that I pinned on Pinterest. They crack me up! Here are some from Pinterest:

My first grade partners each got one on their computer and then my friend Jaime and I decided to make some of our own for other staff members. We're still trying to think of one for the bathroom, but here are a few...

We made a few others for specific people everyone was smiling and laughing all day. It did the trick! :)

This week we had our Valentine's Day party and our 100th Day celebration. Fun times! So many kids dressed up as 100-year-olds and I plan to dress up next year as well! I think I'm all partied out for a while though!

Last week, we finished our penguin unit. I wish we had more time, but there is too much that needs to be done, so we're moving on! Here is a little penguin freebie:

Clipart courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles
We hang different types of penguins in the hall and the children use the emperor penguin to measure/compare.
Here is Jaime's adorable son comparing himself to the penguin.

Do you have time off next week like I do? We just have Monday and Tuesday off, but I'm really happy to have a few days, especially since we haven't had a snow day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My New Blog Design and a SALE!

So, what do you think? I love it! Thanks to Aly from Bridgework Designs! To celebrate, Jaime from What's the Buzz and I are having a sale!

Click above to go to my store. Go to Jaime's store by clicking here.
The sale will run through Monday. Enjoy and thanks for checking out my new design! :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Tuesday and I have a trophy

I've already posted once this week so that means I'm posting for the 2nd time this week! Wow!

I won this little guy this weekend because I was first in our Fantasy Football League! That's my first trophy since my bowling league in 6th grade, (We were the New Kids on the Block of course!), got a last place little teeny-tiny trophy!

I know it's totally blurry, but it's a trophy and it's mine and my hubby is so jealous! I told him that his consolation prize is that he gets to walk with the girl who's walking away with the trophy! :)

In other news, this week has been a long one and it's only Tuesday! With new math and writing curriculum, plus meetings every day, I'm exhausted! This sore throat that won't go away isn't helping things at all!

We did start our Penguin Unit, however, and I must tell you, I love teaching about penguins. Probably because my first graders just can't get enough of it!

Have you read this book?

I found it in the Scholastic book order. I'm trying to add to my collection of books for holidays or units we complete because I know Jaime gets tired of me borrowing from her. Today it was,
Me: Hey, do you have any good penguin books? (Thinking, did I return her last one? She's probably thinking, NOT for you!)
J: A whole bin full! Fiction or nonfiction? (Thinking, REALLY? Again?)
Love her and so grateful that she shares, but I need my own books! Anyway, back to Tony. It is a pretty cute story and we used it to review making connections.
And then we made Tony! You can't really see his little beak smile in this pic, but it's there.

Here is the writing page for his belly:

I am so excited because my new blog design is coming soon! I can't wait!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

:) Andrea

Sunday, February 5, 2012

TOMS, Leap Day and Freebies!

I'm really proud of myself for posting once a week. :) Last week at work was so busy that I barely had time for anything and since my husband had to work late, we needed a date night this weekend. Yesterday, he took me to dinner (Longhorn has SO many gluten-free choices and he actually went looking online for restaurants and printed a menu!), a movie (Big Miracle, was hoping for more, it was just okay), and because I wasn't feeling well, he showed me the receipt for the present he said should be on our doorstep any day. TOMS! He was sitting next to me when I was looking at Rachelle's post about things that she loves right now. I saw the shoes and told him that I wanted a pair of those TOMS. He listened! :) Love him! Oh, and one more thing. At the restaurant, he asked the waitress to not bring any bread. He said if I can't have any, he isn't either! He gets the wonderful husband of the week award! <3

I created a little unit for Leap Day. I'm always looking for ways to make learning fun for my little ones and since we have this extra day in February, why not celebrate? Check it out here:

Here is a little Leap Day song I made:

My kiddos were having the hardest time remembering to use capitals and punctuation when writing so I went to the dollar store and found the cutest glasses (in the party section). Since I have the "Use Your Writer's Glasses" bulletin board in my room, I thought they needed their own! We've been using them to practice this week and it is adorable. I wish I had a picture to show you the glasses. I'll try to take one soon. A few even came up to me and said that they needed their writer's glasses and they put them on and fixed their errors. Magic! :)
Here is one of the pages we used with the glasses:

I guess I better go get everything done so that I'm ready to go to the Super Bowl party. Who's brilliant idea was it to do this on a Sunday? Don't they realize that Saturday would be so much better and Super Bowl Saturday still has a nice ring to it. I'm rooting for the Patriots because Tom Brady was the QB on my fantasy team and for the most part, he helped me! (Did I ever write about why I picked him? I actually know a lot about football, but some of the people on the Fantasy league don't know that and so they tease that I will probably pick the cute guys. When we chose players, I kept joking that I was looking for the cutest QB and TB fit the criteria. I really picked him because I've loved him ever since he played for MI, but he is super cute! Ha!) So who are you rooting for? I'll give away my Leap Day unit to the first 2 people who respond with their e-mail and their pick!

Enjoy your day and GO Patriots! :)
:) Andrea