Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Tuesday and I have a trophy

I've already posted once this week so that means I'm posting for the 2nd time this week! Wow!

I won this little guy this weekend because I was first in our Fantasy Football League! That's my first trophy since my bowling league in 6th grade, (We were the New Kids on the Block of course!), got a last place little teeny-tiny trophy!

I know it's totally blurry, but it's a trophy and it's mine and my hubby is so jealous! I told him that his consolation prize is that he gets to walk with the girl who's walking away with the trophy! :)

In other news, this week has been a long one and it's only Tuesday! With new math and writing curriculum, plus meetings every day, I'm exhausted! This sore throat that won't go away isn't helping things at all!

We did start our Penguin Unit, however, and I must tell you, I love teaching about penguins. Probably because my first graders just can't get enough of it!

Have you read this book?

I found it in the Scholastic book order. I'm trying to add to my collection of books for holidays or units we complete because I know Jaime gets tired of me borrowing from her. Today it was,
Me: Hey, do you have any good penguin books? (Thinking, did I return her last one? She's probably thinking, NOT for you!)
J: A whole bin full! Fiction or nonfiction? (Thinking, REALLY? Again?)
Love her and so grateful that she shares, but I need my own books! Anyway, back to Tony. It is a pretty cute story and we used it to review making connections.
And then we made Tony! You can't really see his little beak smile in this pic, but it's there.

Here is the writing page for his belly:

I am so excited because my new blog design is coming soon! I can't wait!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

:) Andrea

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  1. I love Tony Baloney and so does my 2 year old son! Hi Im one of your new followers i love your blog