Monday, January 23, 2012

What's Better Than a Snow Day?

Not too much, but an unexpected ice day is awesome!
I was so excited when I got the call because, well I wasn't expecting it at all. It is supposed to be 50 degrees here today and in Michigan, that's a warm January day! Of course I can't just hear the phone call either. I check the website and TV just to be sure I'm not just dreaming.
So, just between us, I jumped on the bed to let my husband know about my excitement. He wasn't as excited...hmmm...must be jealous!
So I've been totally lazy today and I love it. I finished a little Animals in Winter unit and posted it on TPT. You may have already taught it, but if not, it will fit in perfectly before Groundhog's Day!

I also made energy balls from a Pinterest recipe. So yummy and gluten free. Yay!
OK, I better go get on the treadmill. I am so happy that I get to do that early enough so that I won't miss any of The Bachelor. Will he figure out that the model is a weirdo? I think another girl (can't think of her name, but I like her), is supposed to tell him.  We'll see...
So what shows are your guilty pleasures? I admitted to The Bachelor. You can admit it. The first 2 peeps can have a copy of my Animals in Winter unit. Just don't forget to leave your e-mail. And here is a happy snow day freebie just for you:

And one more freebie...This one is my fave, but only because I LOVE to sing. I turn anything and everything into a song. Last week it was eyes up front, ears listening and the kids would say "Do dah, do dah". Eyes up front ears listening, "Oh, do dah day". They like it, I like it, we're all happy. Anyway, back to the freebie. It's a song I made up to the tune of "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. We put it in our poetry notebooks. The kids can sing most of it and I belt out the middle. :) Thanks to Graphics  From the Pond for the border!

Come on, admit it. You're singing along right now, aren't you?

:) Andrea


  1. Totally love Intervention!!

  2. Oh totally cute!!

  3. Awww...too late! Totally cute, though!

  4. I love Hoarders and those crazy coupon people!!! LOL
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  5. I love a snow day (or ice day)!! Thanks for sharing your freebie! Your animals in winter pack looks so cute!

    The First Grade Dream

  6. I was already in the car when my phone rang! It was still on vibrate from yesterday and I almost missed it (happened to see it light up!). I'm so glad I didn't drive the whole way there (I have a 35 mile commute). I was hoping we'd get in a snow/ice day soon :) Congrats on your Biggest Loser commitment! I forgot to comment on it after I read it.
    Take care,

    New Adventures in First Grade

  7. Love that unexpected call and get a free day! Following you now! :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  8. Yay for snow days! I don't think we are going to see one this year in good ol' Georgia....poo. Congrats on the weight loss! I am also on the weight loss journey. I would love to do a Biggest Loser at our school, but there is honestly only like a couple of us that even need to lose a few.

    I am a new follower. I would love if you could hop on over and check out my new blog!

    Teachery Tidbits

  9. The bachelor for me too!!!! So bad.... but can't take my eyes off of it!
    I'm in Michigan too, but no snow day for me :(.

    Projects & Polkadots

  10. You were right about the singing... The hibernation song is great!


  11. Love your song! Got any good ideas for a song we can innovate for deserts?

  12. Can you give me your recipe for your energy bar. My husband is allergic to wheat and has to eat gluten free things. I like the hibernation song.

  13. Jackie, go to this site:
    They are really good! :)