Monday, July 9, 2012

Beginning of the Year Resource Book

I was in Barnes & Noble the other day. What was I looking for? Back to school books! I just can't get school off the brain. I am always looking for new ideas! I was thinking that everyone else is as well. So, my friend Jaime thought a little resource book might be a great idea. Here's where I need your help. I would like to compile a list of the best back to school ideas and make a freebie for TPT. It could be an idea for the first day, open house, etc. Your choice!
If you have a (K-2) new or great idea,(or ideas), that you would like to include in the resource book, please e-mail me at
If you leave the link to your store or blog in the email, I will include it with your idea.
Please email me by next Monday, the 16th. Thanks for your help!

If you're looking for a cute back to school treat idea, Jaime and I made these last year and our kiddos loved them! Click on the picture below to go to her blog post.

The weather has been pretty crazy here in MI. Many people, including me, lost power last week because of storms. It's amazing what you take for granted! I'm working on some stuff for TPT and even though I have more time, I keep finding other things to work on. I start on one thing and then start another and another...but have yet to finish much. I'll get there! :)


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