Friday, December 9, 2011

Another craft?

Really? That's how I felt this week. It was one craft after another. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but they are so time-consuming! Today, we finished our gift to parents and started working on cards. Here is what we got done:
I found this idea somewhere out in googleland and loved it. You cut out a tree shape and have the kiddos stamp the tree with various Christmas stamps. Then you attach buttons or other decorations. I will attach it to red paper and let them write on it. Jaime, (From What's the Buzz - with the awesome new blog design!), had the idea of telling parents that they could cut it out and use it as an ornament after reading the card. LOVE that idea.

And then there's the crafting at home. I make gifts for my friends when we have our annual cookie exchange - which is tomorrow by the way and I still don't know what cookie I'm making. Ahh!!
Anyway, I TRY to make something crafty and this is what I made this year. I used a $1.00 frame from Michael's, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and a book. I know I shouldn't cut up a book, but it wasn't one that I'll read, so that's okay, right? I have to find a little friendship poem to go inside.

Have a good weekend!!
:) Andrea


  1. both of those are stinkin' cute! I am so making my friends and family their xmas presents too :)

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  2. Hi Andrea! I really like your Christmas tree card. BTW, I'm your newest follower. Take care.
    Grade ONEderful