Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We only have a few weeks left and I needed to teach mammals, so we've been learning about pandas and having a blast! (They've been super excited about Kung Fu Panda, so it's perfect!) I've been trying to do as much hands-on, fun learning as possible, because at this time of year, my kiddos are a bit restless. Check out our Panda-lliterations! We made pandas and then came up with p alliterations. They decorated their panda to match. I made a fun panda unit that's coming soon!

                  Pandas wear pretty peace sign pajamas and Pandas and polar bears play ping pong!
                  Gotta love the head band!! lol

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  1. This is supercute! We are studying animals now and we have been watching the live zoo cams of the pandas. I was just thinking that I needed a craft for this! Thank you!

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