Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bug of the Week

Since my classroom is all about ladybugs, instead of "Star" of the Week, I do "Bug" of the Week. I send home the directions, the poster to fill out and a special ladybug stuffed animal to read with in a ladybug backpack the Friday before they are Bug of the Week.
On Monday, I have the children bring in a poster (you can download it below). I usually try to copy it on large paper so that they have more room to write/draw.
On Tuesday, they bring in 5 pictures to share.
On Wednesday, I have their parent write "Did You Knows?" about their child and send them in. They LOVE this!
On Thursday, We make a special poster for our Bug of the Week. I put their picture (8 x 10) on a large piece of construction paper and I write their name under the pic and on top I write Bug of the Week. I try to make it look fancy. Then, all of the children sign it or write something special. At the beginning of 1st, most just write their name. By the end, we had BFFs and I love yous! :)
On Friday, they can bring in something to share with the class.

Each student gets a week and that is the only week they share, unless there is a special occasion. My Bug of the Week is also the person who takes down lunch count, is the line leader and answers the phone if needed - this is a REALLY BIG DEAL and if you try to answer the phone when it is not your week, well let's just say they'll let you know and it has only happened a few times!

This works for us because it doesn't take much time and it gives each of them a chance to share. I found these ideas online and just changed them to work for me.

If you'd like my "Bug of the Week" paper, (I also made a "Star of the Week" because I know that many don't use bugs), you'll find it below.

Bug of the Week

Star of the Week

:) Andrea


  1. Your posters are cute! I'd like to know more about when you wrote, "On Wednesday, I have their parent write "Did You Knows?" about their child and send them in." It sounds like a neat idea, but can you explain more.
    Thanks so much!

  2. So cute! Would you ever consider doing a bee of the week? My classroom is all bees. BTW, bath and body works had cute ladybug toppers to go on soap dispensers.

  3. I just tell the parents to write some special things about their child. Most write things like "Did you know that Jen is a great dancer?" or "Did you know that Bobby knows karate?" Then I make a really big deal out of each one. A lot of parents end with - "Did you know that Beth is a very special girl and we love her very much?" I don't give them ideas, they just write what they want. You could also just tell them to write a letter about why their child is special. Or give them choices.
    Caroline, I will e-mail you! Thanks for letting me know about the soap toppers. Cute! :)

    :) Andrea

  4. Just found your darling blog. Cute ideas about Bug of the week. I am doing pirates this year, so I will have to think of things to do for pirate of the week.