Monday, July 18, 2011

My Labybug Obsession!

My classroom is decorated with ladybugs. I think it's super cute and my teaching partner next door has bees! Love it!  Anyway, that means when I see things with ladybugs on them, I want to buy them and find a way to use them! My teaching partner even picks things up for me at garage sales or Mom to Mom sales! Lucky me!
Saturday, I was at JoAnn's and saw the cutest picnic table on clearance. Guess what it was covered with? You know it! I thought about it and texted my friend who convinced me that I had to have it. I think I will use it for another reading spot. They will love it!!! Maybe I'll get a picnic basket to set on top with some look books. Think of the possibilities! :) Here is the pic from the box of my latest find:

Here are some other ladybug items from my room. I got the idea for the behavior chart from a site that I can't remember.

:) Andrea


  1. I love the behavior chart. Too cute!

  2. How cute.

  3. LOVE the "camping" area and your SUPER CUTE ladybug table!!!!

  4. Are you a Phi Mu by any chance?

  5. So cute! Great purchase! Your class will love it!
    Counting with Coffee

  6. Omg!! I loveeeee this. You just gave me SOOO much inspiration. I live in Florida so my theme is under the sea with a strong influence of fish so I am totally going to make a fish behavior chart! I love it!! Now, I have a question... is green, yellow, red enough to keep your kids on track and what are your consequences for each? I want to do just three but I keep hearing that's not enough and first graders need more chances. This is my first full year teaching, I'm a newbie, haha.