Sunday, April 10, 2011

7 of my Favorite Things~ Linky Party!

So here's how you play: write your own blog post with YOUR favorite 7 things and they can't be teacher-related. Once you post, go to Persnickety Pickles and link up!

Here are my 7:

1. Target (pronounced Tarjay of course). I can't leave that place without spending at least $50 and that's on the low end. It just sucks me in but I love it!

2. Chocolate - I gave it up for Lent and it has been really difficult. Especially when I see the Reese's PB eggs. They are to.die.for. Have you seen the really big one? Oh my...pure heaven!

3. Karaoke - Love it! Not really good at it, but I love it nonetheless. My favorite song to sing is Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

4. Pineapple whips that you can only get at Disney World. They are so good I told my husband that next time we go, we have to stop for 1 twice a day so I can get my fill.

5. I like a lot of reality tv - it's true. Right now my fave is Storage Wars - "Y....E....PPPPPP!" and I would love to bid on a unit. How fun would that be?

6.  Baking - okay 3 of my faves are food-related, but hey, I like to eat. I love to try new recipes. I love Cupcake Wars and am always up for trying a new cupcake.

7. The movie Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. Actually anything with Colin Firth, although I haven't seen The King's Speech.

There you have it! That's a little about me. I can't wait to learn about you!


  1. hunky colin firth! swoon at his british accent!

    thanks for joining in!!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    Just found your blog! I teach 1st in Michigan too. Let me know if ya open that cupcake store and I'll stop by to do a taste test. :)

  3. Hi Kimberly! Maybe one day... A girl can dream, right? :)