Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conference Tip

I just had conferences this week and wanted to share something that I do to help parents remember their date and time. I send home labels that say:

To the parents of __________________
Just a reminder that your conference is scheduled for this evening
at 6:20. I look forward to meeting with you! (Happy face, my name)

I stick the label on the child's coat or shirt and it has REALLY cut down on the number of parents that don't come. It's better than a note because we know they can get lost! Hope this helps you!



  1. We do this school wide with all sorts of important events. It is a great idea. :)

    Ms. M
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  2. I follow your blog now!!! I'm excited to see all you have to share :)

  3. I do this for reminders when parents have not yet turned in permission slips, etc. It's a great idea to do for conferences as well! Thanks for the tip!