Sunday, April 10, 2011


We just started our time unit and so I made this activity to go with it. You'll need plastic eggs, (I got mine from Dollar Tree), and the worksheet below. I found printable clocks at Cut out the clocks and put one in each egg. The children need to open each egg and write the time on the paper next to the number that matches the number on the egg. Then, they should color the paper to match the egg. They can add extra decorations if you have time. I think my kiddos will love it. You could given them the eggs right away or hide them! We'll do it this week, but I wanted to share it today. Simple, but fun! :)

                                          Easter Egg Time

The Teacher Wife


  1. Very creative way to make an Easter game to practice time! I didn't have an Easter time game so this is great. Also, thanks for the wonderful link for the clip art, that's awesome!!

  2. Thank you for sharing. The kids will love to practice their time this way.

  3. I love this! We are just now working on time! I made a money easter game and another telling time game posted on my blog. I'm newer to blogging also! But have stalked for a long time!

  4. i love this idea! how fun! and i just bought some eggs:) Bonus!

    thanks for linking up!